Sunday, December 03, 2006

Amazing Race - Tomatoes Never Looked So Good!

Amazing Race time. Beauty Queens lucked out with a non elimination leg last week. Will they be as lucky this week? And will the Babes finally GO?

They start in Morocco heading for Casablanca. Kimberly says that to get motivated Rob just needs a little push. Off a cliff, preferrably.

Roadblock time. Teams must cook and then eat a pound of camel meat. I like how they always have a head of the thing they have to eat to remind the teams that it comes from a nasty looking animal. And why do they always have those big ass tongues hanging out??

Rob and Kimberly are dumbasses and get lost looking for the camel fun. Why does Rob keep calling Kimberly "Dude"?? He's whacked! And such a drama queen!

Because I like watching Rob get all panicky, here he goes again. Video below:

Next they have go go through a maze looking for the next clue. They keep running into dead ends (kinda like Rob and Kimberly's relationship). The Detour is a choice between Lug It or Lob It (full name is "Lob It At Rob's and Kimberly's Ass!").

Rob and Kimberly pick Lob It, and I'm SOOOOO happy about it! They are getting pummled with tomatoes by the locals. I love it! Rob spends all his time throwing tomatoes at the locals. I gotta do a video of this. It's below:

Rob and Kimberly are team 1 at the pitstop. Dang! They win a trip to snorkle with sea turtles. I feel so sorry for those sea turtles. Those poor turtles will be nagged to death. I can hear it now, "Why they gotta swim so slow! Babe, the turtle's in my way!" Ugh!

Lyn and Karlyn are team 2 and the first all girl team to be in the final.

Tyler and James are third and the last team in the final, bringing up the rear. Or at least they will later tonight. They boast having won the most first place legs of the game.

And that means that Beauty Queens are OUTTA HERE! Bye bye blondies! I gotta admit that they really kicked ass during their time in the competition, but it's back to swimsuits, evening gowns, and corny question answering for them. See ya!

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