Monday, December 04, 2006

Heroes - Explosions Are Bad...But Cute!

Episode 11 of Heroes tonight and the last until next year. Let's see if it lives up to the hype.

Peter is in jail and visited by brother Nathan, who apparently wasn't Nathan, but was Sylar getting into his head. Freaky!

Sylar is well and locked up (or is he?) And does not like being called Gabriel, thank you very much!

Peter is interrogated by Matt. They read each other's minds and freak each other out. He tells them to protect Claire.

FBI diva Audrey (with Matt just outside) ask Claire questions, but Matt is unable to read Claire's minds. Seems Hatian guy is lurking around the corner sending his Hatian vibes Matt's way, blocking his mind reading. Too bad he can't put thoughts of donuts in his head.

Hiro meets up with Isaac and greets him with a Vulcan greeting. Go Geek! They realize that they must stop the bomb in NY and that it will be caused by an exploding man. And as Hiro said, how do you stop an exploding man?

Jessica is hot on the trail of D.L. looking to do him in, but Nicki resurfaces and decides to have herself arrested to keep Jessica under control. Yeah, I'm sure that's going to keep her under control. I predict some serious police butt kicking in the near future.

Hatian man gets to Claire's brother and gay boyfriend and erases their memory of Claire's special powers.

Hiro shows Isaac how to concentrate. Heh!

Isaac finishes his painting and apparently Hiro is going to be battling a dinosaur?? He better get his samauri sword fast, cause he may be making a special guest star appearance on Land Of The Lost!

Eden decides to use her powers to make Sylar kill himself, but apparently Sylar isn't as helpless as we thought. He causes her to fly through the glass window and prepares to do some brain slicing. But Eden beats him to the punch and kills herself.

Nathan gets Peter out of jail and Peter collapses on the ground and apparently has a vision of all the heroes together in NY and him exploding, causing the nuclear explosion. COOL! Below is a video of that ending!

Guess next month we'll find out if they can actually stop the explosion, and if Sylar is on the loose again.

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