Friday, December 08, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Curiosity (and radiation) Killed The Kat

New episode of Battlestar tonight. Now that they got their boxing fix out of the way, let's see where things go next.

There's a food shortage and no food in sight. The warriors gather to scarf up a bunch of crumbs. They look like a bunch of roaches.

Meanwhile, Boomer/Athena is busy looking for food and finds some on a planet that will require all kinds of drama to get to.

Back at the Cylon love shack, Baltar is still working his threesome with Six and Xena. Seems Deanna is killing herself over and over and using the resurrections to get a glimpse into the mystical world of the Cylons. Hmm, you'd think after Lucy Lawless killed herself (and our ears) for 5 weeks of bad singing on Celebrity Duets, she would have had enough of killing already.

Baltar feels up the hybrid Cylon to try to learn if he is one of the 5 mystery unknown Cylons.

Kat has a shady past and a different name and was involved with a cute grubby drug-dealing guy. She was his drug runner.

Starbuck confronts her and tell her to tell the others who she really is...either that, or else there's about to be some hot lesbian action!

They're able to get the fleet to the food, but Kat plays hero to save the last ship and dies from a radiation overdose. And she's not too sexy...

...Although Starbuck apparently would disagree with me.

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