Sunday, December 10, 2006

Amazing Race - A Million Can Buy a Lot of Drugs!

Amazing Race finale! Beauty Queens are GONE! Only an hour for the finale, what's up with that? Here's hoping Rob and Kimberly don't win. Go druggies!

Teams start in Spain heading for Paris. The teams have to get to the Eiffel Tower. Haven't they already been to the Eiffel Tower this competition? Or am I thinking of Treasure Hunters? Oh, why did I have to put that horror of a show in my mind!

James had the idea of making reservations over the internet but was too much of a wimp to push the matter. Cause ya know, Tyler's the boss in that relationship.

They all catch up in Paris and have to sky dive without any drama. Kimberly is extra graceful with her head-on collision arrival to the clue box. HEH!

Detour. Art or Fashion. They all choose fashion and have to make an outfit. Tyler says he's good at the sewing. He gets all Project Runway and finishes the task first. You go girls!

Rob has problems with the sewing and decides to design his own outfit. Fabulous!

Rob and Kimberly get confirmed on the first flight to New York. James and Tyler got on standby at the last moment. Bama girls had to settle for the next flight and are pretty much out of it. Whatever. They bore me.

The druggies try to lose Rob and Kimberly in the taxi, but they hang on, only to fall behind thanks to not having an EZ-Pass.

James and Tyler stay one step ahead and it's a mad dash to the finish line. Druggies win!!

Rob says that he still wants to marry Kimberly even without the winning money. Yeah, but a million dollars doesn't nag at you all day long. He'll be changing his story soon enough.

James and Tyler get to call their parents via cell phone and announce they won. What's up with James' father's eyebrows!! Your son's a model dear, you need some serious grooming tips from him!

Congrats James and Tyler! The happy couple prevails and have a million dollars. Let's just hope they can stay away from the drug dealers.

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