Friday, December 15, 2006

Battlestar Galactica - Jonesing for the Eye

Last Battlestar of the year. Looks like everyone's heading for the planet looking for food and trouble I'm sure.

The fleet are on their 2nd week of collecting delicious algae for food. Ick! I think I'd prefer scrounging for crumbs!

Apollo and Starbuck are busy knockin boots and feeling guilty about cheating on their other halves. Seems Starbuck respects the sanctity of marriage. And apparently that respect includes throwing down with Apollo on a regular basis. Sounds about right to me.

Baltar wakes up alone FOR ONCE. Guess his harem is busy. He goes over to see baby Hera crying. Seems she's illin.

Chief keeps thinking he's hearing something. His spider senses are tingling. Either that or he's got jock itch. Turns out the mountains seem to be calling out to him. Ya know, like mountains do. He goes in a cave and finds some sacred temple. They think it's the location of the Eye of the Tiger...or..Jupiter, or something.

Cylons appear and want to talk to Adama. They want the Eye of Jupiter. If they get it, they'll let the fleet go...and throw in Baltar as a bonus. Hey, a sale on traitors, just in time for the shopping season! Adama, of course doesn't accept their offer.

Boomer makes an appearance and tells Athena that her daugher Hera is alive and that Roslyn has been lying to her about her baby, which of course she is.

Chief tells a story of being in his mother's sacred room dancing around naked holding porn magazines. That's just wrong!

Deanna tells the others that they secretly put cylon centurians on the planet to take the Eye by force and then plan to destroy Galactica to finally kill all humans. I bet Baltar is really hoping on being a cylon right about now!

Anders calls out Apollo on sleeping with his wife. He says it's not the first time she's cheated. Guess Starbuck's a ho!

Cylons shoot down Starbuck and her raptor. Anders disobeys Apollo and says he's going to rescue his wife and Apollo can shoot him if he wants.

The base star launches ships to the planet and Adama keeps his word and gives the order to launch nuclear missles to nuke the sacred cave.

TO BE CONTINUED...Guess we're waiting until January to see what happens. The horny cylons will have to hold out until then...

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