Sunday, February 18, 2007

Amazing Race All-Stars - Or So They Say...

Amazing Race All-Stars eh? Ya know, I've never been too thrilled with the "All-Star" seasons of reality shows. I much prefer to have new people each year to love and hate. I don't care to see old trolls who've done it before. Been there, done that. I didn't watch the first few seasons of TAR, so I suppose some of these are new to me. Others are just plain wrong and make me dread having to watch them another season. So let's take a look at the contestants.

First up is Kevin and Drew from Season 1. They whine a lot, and have shiny heads. One of them took a tumble and did more whining.

Next is Oswald and Danny from season 2. They seem to be doing pretty well so far. Coming in second place this leg. Don't mess with Miami queens!

Then we got John and Jill from season 3. I kept forgetting they were in the race. And that's seems about right since they are outta here!

We got Uchenna and Joyce, the winners from season 7. They are the only team this season who won their season.

David and Mary from season 10. Oh, don't get me started on them. I think the producers put them in just to PISS ME OFF! Well, another season of hick hijinks. Oh joy. They say they'll be sneaky liars this season. Oh, and Mary, you may have got new choppers in your mouth, but that doesn't lower your hick quotient.

Charla and Mirna from season 5. Ok, this paragraph may be short. It may be dwarfed by the other ones. heh. Ok, enough midget jokes...oh who am I kidding. They're just beginning! Bring it on Short Round! I like the way Charla yells "Rapido Rapido" while in the US. But then she says that no matter what country she's in.

Rob and Amber from season 7. Ugh. Why?? Look, these people really need to get a real job and stop living off of TV reality shows. I think they are trying to beat out Flavor Flav and Bridgette Neilsen for being on the most reality tv series. I really can't stand these two. I'll actually root for the hicks over them! They come in first this leg. Blah. If they are gone in the next couple weeks, I will be so pleased!

Teri and Ian from season 3. I see the Crypt Keeper had some children. The old coots did pretty well, coming in third place this leg.

Eric and Danielle from seaon 9. They were on opposing teams that season, but fell in love during seaon 9. Aww....Ugh. Well, they're a purty couple I suppose. Go Team Airheads! I forgot about Eric's nipple rings. Guess two flighty people together make one smart one. They came in fourth.

Joe and Bill from season 1. From what I have heard, they were called Team Guido. A couple of old queens that everyone hated during their season. They did good enough to come in fifth place.

Finally, there's Dustin and Kandace from season 10. The beauty queens. Still dizzy. Whatever.

John and Jill are eliminated. Sorry folks. They say they are going to try to become more than friends and....oh who cares. I sure don't.

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