Monday, February 12, 2007

Heroes - Holy Melting Toasters!

Heroes night! Sylar's on the loose, Nathan's a ho', Peter needs a haircut. That about sums up last week. Let's see what hijinks Sylar gets into this week.

Claire's real mom calls Nathan wanting hush money from him. A girl's gotta get new siding for the trailer ya know!

Matt and Niki. Ugh! I'm bored. Let's hope things pick up. Matt is bodyguard for some important guy. Jessica is hired to kill the guy. Clash of the heroes.

Yay Hiro to save the day. He's in town to steal "the sword" from Linderman.

Him and Ando meet Hope who needs her pink bag rescued from some guy's hotel room. She'll introduce them to Linderman if they do. I'm still bored.

Claire is grounded for lying about where she went with Zach. Claire gets all pissy and pulls the "You're not my real dad" card. Guess ex-gay boyfriend won't be making any visits anytime soon.

Hiro overhears Hope talking trash about them and says she is a bad person. Hope says "Thanks for the help Sulu" and punches him. Heh! Don't talk trash about Sulu. You'll have Hiro daddy all over you!

Matt and Jessica meet up while she tried to kill the guy he's protecting. He catches Jessica and handcuffs her.

Matt goes to check on the guy and poof, there's Jessica? Niki? She's wearing a different outfit. Does this mean it's Niki being bad girl too?? Niki/Jessica tosses Matt out the window in no time. He lucks out and lands on a ledge just outside the window.

Sylar kills new hero Zane and pretends to be him to Mohinder. He shows him the power he recently obtained from him.

Above is the video of Sylar's toaster meltdown!

Nathan visits Claire's real mom to drop off the hush money. Claire listens in as he says he doesn't want to see her. Claire throws a rock at Nathan's car.

Looks like Mrs. Bennet got one too many mind erases from the Haitian. She seems to be going all loopy! And she forgot about her precious Mr. Muggles. Hey bitch, don't diss the Muggles!

Ando leaves town with skank Hope. He's a sucker for a kiss. Hiro is locked in a closet, but is let out by security.

Hitwoman Jessica informs Linderman's goon that she killed the guy. She gets her next assignment. To kill Nathan. Snap!

Kinda slow episode, but next week looks exciting! Till then...

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