Monday, February 05, 2007

Heroes - Hot Muggles Lovin'

Heroes time. We get to see Daddy. And Sylar's dreadful bad southern accent.

Claude tries to get Peter "housebroken" and decides to start his training. Peter has a fabulous new purse. Sassy!

Sylar does some serious Horn Rimmed butt kicking and disposes of Mr. Bennet, then escapes with Bennet's key card.

Guess he really doesn't have a first name, as his driver's license says.

Check out video of Sylar/Mr. Bennet above.

Hiro and Dad Sulu discuss going back to Japan...oh, and waffles! Dad tears up Hiro's painting.

Sylar and Mr. Muggles have some special bonding time while he waits for Claire to come home.

Claire meets mom and they show each other their powers. That's one slicing and flaming family! I wonder what daddy will do? So the equation is Flame Mom + Flying Dad = Regenerating Kid. Got it!

Sylar tries to kill momma Bennet, but Mr. Bennet shows up just in time to scare him off. And how come that lazy Mr. Muggles didn't try to help. Lazy dog!

Claude continues his "training" of Peter. And it was cool! Peter gets skewered on a pole, but fortunately remembers how to heal. Props to the cheerleader! See video above.

Peter almost loses it. See video above.

Hiro's dad let's him stay, and check out Dad's license plate! NCC-1701. Go Star Trek!

Claire's real mom calls her real dad, and as was rumoured, it's Nathan. That guy sure gets around!

Till next week....

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