Sunday, February 25, 2007

Battlestar - Tyrol Goes All Norma Rae On Us!

Battlestar time. Last week, was kinda boring with that whole rescue the Chief drama. And looks like more Chief action this week.

Troops are in low morale. Some girl named Seelix is denied a promotion because she is needed on the flight deck. Lots of grumbling ensues. A ship has a malfunction and flies out of control right into Roslyn's ship.

The Union is grumpy about their bad working conditions. Union guy threatens to cause more glitches if their needs aren't met so Roslyn arrest him for extortion.

Baltar wrote a book of dissent that's been circulating. Roslyn does a strip search on him to get the pages he's writing.

Tyrol checks out the factory that makes the tylium and sees that they are sabotaging things until they get a break. He tells Adama and Roslyn that the people need better conditions in order to keep working. She says to hold a lottery to pick people throughout the fleet to work in the factory.

Some young boy is picked to work on the tylium but says he's not a farmer and shouldn't go. Tyrol makes him go.

Tyrol meets with Baltar to talk about his book. He gives some long speech basically saying "The man is keeping us down. Down with the man!" Tyrol seems to be agreeing with some of it.

Tyrol has had enough after the boy gets injured in the plant. He announces that they are on strike. You go Norma Rae!

Adama threatens to kill Tyrol's wife as a mutineer if he doesn't call off the strike. Tyrol blinks and agrees to call off the strike.

Roslyn asks Tyrol to be the spokesperson for the Union. He agrees and they discuss an agreement for the gripes.

The chick from the beginning of the episode, Seelix is promoted to pilot trainee, showing there's room for promotions afterall. And all is right in the world...until next week.

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