Sunday, February 11, 2007

Battlestar Galactica - Dire Diseases vs. Hot Helo

Battlestar time. We'll see if Baltar gets his butt kicked and will Caprica trash talk him?

Looks like Galactica is getting new residents. And apparently, that includes the sick nutty Sagitarrons. Isn't it just like the Sagitarrons to stank up the place!

Tom Zerek is all upset and pissy about Baltar going to trial. He says it will bring the entire fleet down. Acutally, I think he's just mad because new Apollo is a lot HOTTER than old Apollo. Sorry Tom!

Six is locked up and talking to Athena. Imaginary Baltar shows up. Great, another person talking to themselves. At least imaginary Baltar doesn't have the crazy beard!

Helo tried to convince Adama that the doctor is killing people. They think he's crazy. So he punches out Tigh. Hmm. what's up with Helo being crazy and breaking all the rules and not getting in trouble? He kills the Cylons with the diseases, he "kills" his wife so she'll regenerate, and he punches Tigh, and no punishment. Guess it's the killer abs! They must distract people from yelling at him.

Helo's sexy chest (and the rest of him I suppose) is woken up by a Sagitarron mother who says the doctor is trying to kill Dualla because she's a Sagitarron.

Helo goes to check on Dualla and tries to get her away from crazy doctor.

Looks like Helo was right. Crazy doctor was doin some serious Sagitarron killing. They kick the doctor to the curb and Helo's a hero. Rah! Doesn't he ever do anything wrong?

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