Monday, February 26, 2007

Heroes - Horn Rimmed Flashbacks

Heroes tonight. Let's see what Ted and Matt do to Mr. Bennet. And will Mr. Muggles end up being another Hero? Well, ya never know.

Ted and Matt confront HRG. They demand to be made "normal" again. Matt finds out that Claire knows what daddy does. Ted is itching to start a flamin'.

Flashback 15 years with Mr. Bennet accepting a job from the owner of the paper company. He advised Bennet that his partner will be invisible Claude! Cool! This must be back before Claude's razor went invisible too.

Still flashing back, Bennet meets with Hiro's dad. He gives him Claire to raise and says if she develops powers, he will take her back. Interesting!

And check out little Hiro! Heh!

Bennet tries to convince Matt and Ted to go with him away from the house. But Ted says he'll stay with the family. Bennet says he will get a tranquilizer to knock out Ted and then call the Haitian.

Flashback: Bennet tells his boss that his wife is getting suspicious of things. Boss says he found a boy in Haiti that can make people forget things. Haitian! Little bite size Haitian, who appears to make Mrs. Bennet forget for the first of many times.

Flashback: Bennet is ordered to kill Claude for secretly hiding a "hero" from them. He follows through with that and shoots Claude three times. Claude goes invisible and falls off a bridge into the water.

Ted goes upstairs to look for Claire and sees no Claire. Claire sets free the tied up mom and brother. Ted comes back downstairs in time to grab Claire and burn her. Claire's mom watches in amazement when Claire's burn quickly heals. My friend Todd said that Ted reminds him of the Geico caveman from the TV commercial. Now that's all I think of everytime I see him!

Bennet returns with the proof of what he was doing and gives it to Ted. But now here comes paper company boss out of nowhere and shoots Ted. Oops. Ted gets ready to go boom. Everyone gets out of the house, but Claire stays to tranquilize Ted. Pretty cool! Check out video above.

HRG's boss suggests that Matt will be Bennet's new partner and asks him to bring in Claire to him.

Bennet decides the best way to protect Claire is to have the Haitian shoot him and take away his memories of where Claire is. And so he does. We'll have to see next week what becomes of him. And what's up with the supposedly dead Simone in the previews for next week saying "You wanna shoot me again?" Hmmm. We'll see next week.

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