Monday, February 19, 2007

Heroes - Peter Gets His Groove On

Heroes tonight. Someone flies, someone dies. We'll see who.

Hana shows up with some hot online chat action with Ted Sprague. Hana is Chat Queen. She's got it out for HRG.

Speaking of HRG, he meets up with Isaac who tells him about Peter going boom in the near future. HRG gives him a gun in case Peter shows up, so he can "save the world". Better keep that gun away from Peter bitch!

Mohinder and Sylar visit Dale, super human hearing lady. She can hear Sylar's heartbeat racing and asks if he's nervous about something.

Claude is sparring with Peter trying to get him to call one of the powers he's absorbed. Turns out, he calls Sylar's power of telekinesis and repels Claude's stick away from him.

Claire's mom goes from crazy to normal to passed out. Girlfriend is a mess! She ends up in the hospital, where Claire calls out daddy for his mind erasing of mom. He says he just wants to protect his family.

Peter and Claude are attacked by HRG and Haitian man. They try to zap them unconscious. But Peter uses his Sylar powers to stop them.

He gets him and Claude to safety and it was COOL! Video is above.

Hope and the Gaming guy have it out over the stolen poker chips. Ando gets shot in the shoulder. Hope goes to kill Hiro but Hiro's powers return and he makes time go back so the gaming guy can capture her. Hiro's having second thoughts about getting Ando involved in his mission.

Sylar kills super-hearing woman and takes her powers. When him and Mohinder go back the next day to see Dale, they find the dead body. Sylar is having a hard time dealing with all the sounds he is hearing from his new power. Man, he's gotta crack up soon from all those powers.

Hiro tells Ando to go back home. He's going on alone. Oh, and Go Stan Lee! Creator of X-Men, Spiderman, etc. Making a cameo appearance.

Ted and Matt show up at HRG's house ready to kick some HRG butt! We'll see next week what they do.

Peter shows up at Isaac's place confronting him about bringing HRG to try to capture him. And it's "Wonder Twin Powers Activate"! Peter unleashes more Sylar powers on Isaac, then goes invisible when Isaac tries to shoot him. But silly Isaac ends up shooting Simone. Looks like she's the one who dies. Video above.

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