Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amazing Race - Driving Miss Daisy (aka Drew)

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Last week John and Jill were eliminated, but nobody cared. Let's see who takes the lead this week and who makes fools of themselves (hicks?)

Teams start off in Ecuador. Drew needed oxygen because he's an out of shape oaf. Nice luck in the rest of the race flabby!

Team Guido take off exclaiming "Who said gay men can't drive!" First of all, who did say that? If that's the case, how did I get my drivers license. And what's up with the hat Bill is wearing? Someone needs to revoke his gay card for such a fashion faux pas.

And what's with this? The producers must be looking for the gayest moments and putting them on air.

Drew and Kevin get stuck in the mud like a couple of pigs. Kevin uses his muscles (fat?) to pull them out of the mud.

Kevin and Drew have a hissy fit about the hicks putting their luggage in first class. Who cares? They need to instead be concerned with how they will run through the airport without needing an oxygen tank.

The next task requires an eye for detail. They have to find letters that spell out their next destination. The blondes figure it out first. Who knew? The others take forever to figure it out. Eric looks like his brain is about to explode from this thing called thinking.

Commerical-- "Do you want to know what music gets David and Mary through the race?" HELL NO! Is this supposed to get people to want to text CBS to find out? According to the screenshot, are they saying the hicks love to groove to Chingy, Fall Out Boy, and the explicit version of Black Republican???" I'm sure their playlist is actually full of hillbilly groups and songs about moonshine. Stupid hicks!

Detour time. By Hand or By Machine. Charla is too short to put on the bolts and hangs from the wrench with her feet dangling. HEH! Although, watching her try to reach to drive the bulldozer would have been a hoot too.

Danny messed up his manicure. Oh snap! This could get ugly! And them talking about tightening nuts is too wrong. He says he must have been a man in a previous life. Gah.

What the "hick" is going on with Mirna and Charla? They are CRAZY! And Mirna's doing her ol' talking English but with a foreign accent again like that will help. See the crazy video above.

Oswald is crying over the lovely scenery. Sheesh. Can they be any more gay?

Rob and Amber get to the pitstop first, again. Ugh! And they do a happy dance that is just WRONG!

Everyone's passing Drew and Kevin because they are dumbasses and won't drive over 40 km/hr.

After all their whining, I actually wanted Kevin and Drew to be eliminated before the hicks. And that's saying something! And because of their stupidity, they are. Maybe they can go enjoy some whine and cheese. Later suckas!

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