Monday, October 15, 2007

Heroes - Throwdown at the Burger Bonanza

Heroes time. Will Peter keep on with the bad guy routine? Will West stop his Superman impersonations? We'll see.

Molly wakes up screaming from a bad dream. Probably wondering what "My Two Daddies" are doing in the other room!

Mya and Alejandro are in Mexico fleeing to the border and run into a man laying in the middle of the road. And it just so happens to be Sylar! Hmm. Small world indeed. He finds out they have powers and probably is doing some serious drooling for brains!

Nana Uhura in da house and she's sassy! Don't even get Nana started! She's got a fetish for flowers made out of tomatoes. That's hot!

Angela Petrelli admits to killing Hiro's dad to stop the cops from investigating the murder. She knows it was a special that killed him. Matt tells Nathan to help him with the investigation.

Nathan shows Matt the picture of all the old-school specials. Matt recognizes one of them. His father!

Monica works at Burger Bonanza. Seems Monica has a power but what is it? She kicks the butt of a robber at her store using a wrestling move she saw on TV. So her power is something about picking up abilities she sees? Not sure.

Matt asks Molly to use her locating powers to locate his father. Molly tries but stops, saying that his father is the "Nightmare Man" that's been haunting her dreams. And check out the cool helix symbol in her eyes. She ends up trying to locate him and does find his location in Philadephia. But Nightmare Man finds her and does something to her that knocks her out. Well, Nightmare Man isn't so bad afterall. Mind-bitchslap that annoying girl!

Next week we'll find out more about Peter's situation and it looks like Kristen Bell will be looking for him! Work it Veronica Mars!

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