Monday, October 29, 2007

Heroes - Attack of the Plotlines!

Heroes time. Will Peter finally leave dreary Cork, Ireland? Will My Two Daddies get killed off? Well, I can hope. We will see...

Bob decides to try an experimental vaccine on Monica to see if it "cures" her of her powers. Sound like she needs to go tag team wrestling on his butt and get out of there!

Bennet and the Haitian go to Ukraine to find out where Isaac's missing paintings are from mysterious Ukraine guy. To pursuade him, he has the Haitian start removing his favorite memories, one by one. Maybe he can help me forget some of these thousands of plotlines they got going on, cause I can't keep up with them! Bennet finds the paintings.

Sylar and the Wonder Twins continue their drive across the border. Sylar gets all flirty with Mya. She turns into Mascara Girl to kill the border patrol and Sylar too so they can get across the border. But Alejandro helps to revive Sylar. And Sylar is brain hungry!

Claire is turned down during cheerleader auditions, so her and West make bad cheerleader girl look like a drunk and get her kicked off the squad. That leaves a spot open for Claire. Score!

Bob lets Monica return to New Orleans safely and gives her an iPod with instructions on all kinds of defense moves and such so she can mimic them. He tells her to go kick some criminal butt in New Orleans.

I'm so sick of the Hiro plotline. Well, let's see. Hiro tries to help Kinsei save the old guy, but messes with the time continuum by telling the daughter that he loves her. But ol' Kinsei is working for the enemy and punches out Hiro. He turns the old dude and the daugher over to the enemy.

Niki show up and tells Mohinder that she's his new partner. Or is it Jessica?

Peter gets to Canada then quickly teleports to New York City in 2008 and is greeted by a deserted NYC. Seems there was an evacuation of the city for some reason.

I hope they wrap up some of these plots. My head is spinning!


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