Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 3 Results

It's results night for Week 3. Will Wayne last another week. And the better question is will his hairpiece last another week?

Judges pick who their favorite dance couple of the week is to do a repeat performance. They pick Jennie and Derek to do their Tango. That was my favorite too.

First guest performer tonight is Seal and his crazy complexion.

The second guest performer is Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley Cyrus. Is it just me or does Miley sound STANK! Well, at least she's not singing "I Want My Mullet Back"!

The first couple in the bottom two is Wayne and Cheryl. Of course.

The second couple in the bottom two is Floyd and Karina. Darn, that means Mark is safe. Crazy voters!

And the couple going home is Wayne. Well, there you go. You knew it was coming. I'll kinda miss his fake hair, mustache, and pony tail. Oh, who am I kidding. Get outta here melty-face!

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Anonymous said...

miley is an amazing singer and at such a young age. i think she sounded fabulous!