Monday, October 08, 2007

Heroes - Sylar Kills and Gets...Indigestion?

Heroes time. Will Peter remember who he is? Will we get to see Peter's box? I lost my train of thought. Where was I? Oh, and when is Mascara Gal going to be tied into the story, because I'm tired of her fashion faux-pas ass!

Random thugs say Peter must help rob an armored car in order to get his box. Now doesn't Peter have the power to get that box right then from them? Why doesn't he just take it? I guess then we won't get to see the exciting robbery scene.

Sylar wakes up on the beach with a redhead Candyce. Turns out they're not on the beach. She's just creating the illusion. She saved him after his stabbing last season and got him some surgeries.

Hiro leaves Ando a message from the past hidden in his sword. He tells the story of how he tries to turn fake Kinzei into hero Kinzei.

Claire is pissed at West for almost outing her in class. However, West shuts her up when he shows her his own powers and goes all Superman and flies away with her in his arms.

Micah goes to visit his grandma and it's Uhura in your face! Hailing frequencies open Niki!

Mascara Girl is at it again. Mya goes all freaky-eyed to kill the cops holding her brother in jail and rescues him.

Peter was right about thug #2 turning on thug #1 and kicks more butt! See video below.

Hiro succeeded in turning Kinzei into a hero and win the girl. But he's not quite ready to return home.

Sylar appears to have lost his powers due to his injury. Candyce offers to take care of him and let him go wherever he wants through her illusions, including Sylar having sex with himself if that's what he's into. HEH! He probably is. But he's just faking and knocks out Candyce for some delicious brain eating! Oops, the power isn't working after his brain dining and gets heartburn or something. heh!

Peter gets his box but decides not to open it. He'd rather kiss the hot girl.

And West gets his own girl action with Claire.

Mohinder finds another of Isaac's paintings. And this one shows that Mr. Bennet will die. Eep!

So how long will Peter stay vigilante guy and remember who he is. We'll see next week.

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