Monday, October 22, 2007

Heroes - Talk About a Nightmare of a Dad!

Heroes time. Kristen Bell makes her appearance tonight. Let's see if she can knock some sense into Peter. Or at least knock his shirt off again. That'll do too!

Kristen Bell shows up in Ireland looking for Peter. And oh snap, she's got lightning bolt fingers!

Matt and Nathan go to see nightmare man, a.k.a. Matt's daddy. Why didn't they show Nathan flying? These people are boring when they don't show their powers. The scary "Nightmare Man" seems like a scatterbrained goofy man. Who knew. And it looks like he's been marked to be killed. Matt, you better have a quick reunion with daddy.

Monica's still doing her mimicing thing. She watches Micah play the piano, then plays the same song herself. I sure hope they show more interesting sides to her power.

Matt's dad seems to have powers to make others get lost in dreams or something. He traps Nathan and Matt in individual dreams. Matt in jail, and Nathan in NYC after a nuclear bomb exploded.

Micah explains to Monica that her power is just like someone from the 9th Wonders comic book and that she is a "copycat". Hmm. Thought they'd come up with a more exciting name for it.

Mohinder brings Molly to Gold-touch man with the Company. And boom, here comes Niki kicking some gold-touch butt! But Mohinder quickly tasers her.

Matt and Nathan fight their dreams, including Nathan battling disfigured Nathan. Ick! But Matt and Nathan are actually fighting each other. They finally wake up and realize it was just a dream.

Kristen Bell character kills the Irish guy while looking for Peter. Seems she's working for her father. But who's her father??

Kinda a slow episode. Let's hope next week picks up the action some.

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