Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 5 Results

It's results night for Week 5. Will Mark Cuban finally go home? And will anyone faint tonight? If Mark stays it might just be me. I'll even borrow Marie's fat Smurf dress!

Judges pick who their favorite dance couple of the week is to do a repeat performance. They pick Scary Spice and Maks to do their Samba. I sure wish they would have picked Marie just for fun! Ha!

Performing tonight is Jennifer Lopez and a lot of smoke. The smoke looked real sexy. J Lo looked ok too.

The first couple in the bottom two is Mark and Kim. Well Duh!

The second couple in the bottom two is Jane and Tony. Aww. Looks like Marie got those pity votes!

And the couple going home is...wait for it...Mark and Kim. Well it's about time! Get your scar-covered butt outta here fool! Time to have a party in his honor (dishonor)!

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