Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amazing Race Season 12 Premiere

New season of Amazing Race. Time to round up the loonies. And finally a season without hicks David and Mary. Thank goodness! Well, time for the freakshow...

First team is Kynt and Vyxsin. Eh? Nice names there! They are dating are are into Goth. They are Myspace lovin fools and love being surrounded by Storm Troopers and Wookies. Um, yeah, who doesn't?

Jennifer and Nathan are dating for two years...on and off. Sounds like they are going to be the griping couple of the season. They spend half the episode doing some serious donkey hatin'.

Then we got Ronald and Christina. A father and daughter team who never spent much time together because he was a workaholic. And the fact that he's wearing a "Who's Your Daddy" shirt means that he is sure to get on my last nerve. Either that or he's trying to tell his daughter something... They start off the season doing well.

Shana and Jennifer are dizzy blonde friends who say they will do anything to win the million dollars. Skanks! I think they even flirted with the donkey.

Azaria and Hendeka are brother and sister who expect to have confrontations during the race. Oh really? I never seen that on this show. Who knew? Well, it's not getting in their way yet as they are doing just fine this leg.

Lorena and Jason are dating and are struggling over their cultural differences. And what could that be? Probably neither of them have any culture?

Nicolas and Donald are a grandson and grandfather team. 23 year old Nicolas says he's "reliable, competitive, and goofy." And the father That about sums him up.

Ari and Staella are best friends. Ari says he's "mean, rude, and hilarious", and that's just describing his hair! Ari is trying to out-Gay Oswald and Danny from last year. However, they differ from Oswald and Danny due to their sucky game playing skills.

Marianna and Julia are sisters who plan to flirt their way to the finals. They annoy me already!

Rachel and TK have been dating for a year. They seem boring and what's up with his hair?! That's just wrong! They spent most of the leg in first place till the end. I think he tripped on his nappy hair or something.

Last team is Kate and Pat. They are married ministers and are on the show because the Amazing Race needed a little bit more lesbian/religious action. How's that for a combo!

The first team to the pitstop is Azaria and Hendekea.

And the team eliminated is Ari and Staella. I was getting tired of spelling her name with that extra "a" anyway. See ya suckas!

Some interesting characters this season. Let's see how fast they get on my nerves!

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