Monday, November 19, 2007

Heroes - Bad News For Bennet...Kinda

Heroes time. What kind of badness will Adam get into and will Elle grant my wish and zap off Peter's clothes again? We'll see.

Seems Matt's power is evolving. Looks like he can place thoughts into people's heads, ala Eve.

Bob gives Mohinder a partner to help take down Bennet. And it's is daughter Dominatrix Elle.

Elle sure must have been boy starved. Now she's hitting on Mohinder. That saucy tart!

Hiro goes back in time to just before his father died to try to save him. Dad tells him it must be his destiny to die then, but Hiro wants no part of that and teleports him to safety.

Mohinder and Elle go in for the kill on Bennet, but a swooping in West knocks down Elle, leaving Bennet to finish off Mohinder. But West pursuades him not to kill him.

Bennet ties up Elle with her feet in water, trying to pursuade her to tell him where Bob is. Elle tries to get all zappy and electricutes herself. Heh! She probably enjoyed it.

Hiro returns his father to the past as he wishes, and lets him die. But Hiro first learns who killed his father. And as expected, it was Adam/Kensei. Guess Adam's making good on his threat to Hiro.

Matt uses his power of suggestion to get Angela to reveal info about Adam, but he can't get her to crack about the mystery woman in the picture. But later we find he gets her name afterall.

Beachside showdown. And the painting comes true as Mohinder kills Bennet. West flies off with Claire.

And we end the episode with Bob having given Claire's blood to dead Bennet, and brings him back to life. Looks like Claire is more like Adam that we thought.

Looks like it's plague time next week and return of Peter. Yay!


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