Monday, November 12, 2007

Heroes - Crispy Nathan, Sexy Peter!

Heroes time. Will Adam corrupt Peter? Will West get even more stalkish? And most importantly, will Peter get hosed off naked again?

We flash to four months ago to last season's finale. Peter saves Nathan from blowing up and carries his burnt bad self to safety.

Elle zaps Peter and takes him to Bob. Elle gets all flirty with Peter. I don't blame her! The Haitian keeps Peter from working his powers.

Crispy Nathan is in the hospital with mom. Eep!

They put Peter in a room next to Adam. Elle gets all S&M on Peter, giving him a shock on his head. And tells him he'll learn to like it. I kept waiting for her to pull out a leather whip!

Adam tells Peter that his blood could heal crispy Nathan if they escape.

D.L. goes to LA to find Niki's alter-ego, on the loose in some sleazy nightclub. But nightclub guy wants no part and shoots him. Bye bye D.L. Strangely enough, when he shot him, the blood flew on Niki's face from the shooter's angle, not D.L. Must've been a technical flub.

Adam uses his blood to heal Nathan. No more crispy!

On their way out of the hospital, they run into Elle and the Haitian. Elle gets all lightning bolt zap happy and zaps them both. But I just got a new appreciation for her power when it caused Peter's shirt to catch on fire, requiring him to promptly remove it. WOOT! Thank you Elle!

Peter returns to present time and remembers everything. Adam convinces him that they have to save the world. No good will come from that!

Well, we'll see next week where that goes, and how Hiro tries to save his dead dad. And maybe Elle will show up again and zap Peter's pants off too!

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