Sunday, November 18, 2007

Amazing Race - Udderly Crazy!

Amazing Race Season 12 time! After last week's scary speedo sighting, I'm afraid of what I will see this week!

Teams start in Amsterdam going to West Africa. Grandpa Donald says he's going to "let it all hang out". Oh no, after last week, I don't want to see anything else hanging out, thank you!

Ronald got a hernia after the last leg. The doctor who examined him said he just "pushed everything back in" and let him go. What needed pushing back in?! Ick! He said he will really try not to talk bad to Christina anymore. Yeah, that'll happen.

Roadblock is to milk a camel. Jennifer tells Nathan to be gentle with the nipples while he is milikng. Guess she doesn't appreciate his mad grab method. I think she's having flashbacks to last night in bed.

Lorena is all freaking out because she keeps dropping the milk and then her camel runs dry. She pleads "Please Lord, give me milk!" heh. I think Jason might have been better at squeezing out bodily fluids!

Detour. Teach it or Learn it. Azaria and Hendekea kicked butt learning the words in the native language and finished first and also make it to the pitstop first.

Poor Lorena keeps having her bowl of milk kicked by the camel. This camel is my hero! I think the producers paid the camel to do that.

The last team to the pitstop is Mariana and Julia and they are eliminated. I bet if she sees a camel on tv in the future, she'll probably run from the room. Kind of like what I do whenever Ronald talks.

Well, we shall see next week if Ronald's hernia stays in place.

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