Sunday, November 11, 2007

Amazing Race 12 - My Eyes Are Burning!

Amazing Race Season 12 time! We got to meet the all the loonies last week and said goodbye to the crazy queen and his hag. Let's see how the freaks do and who will annoy us this week? All probably.

Teams start in Ireland and have to travel to Amsterdam to find a bridge. Cesarean and Indiglo, or whatever their names are, are first to leave.

Team "Holy Cryptkeepers" actually said the most intelligent thing I've heard in all the seasons. And that's that they have no illusions that God cares whether they win the race. I'm saying!

Geezer Ronald had a showdown with Nicolas for being a rude jerk to the lady at the counter. Nicolas was all "whatever old fool" and get's Ronald even more upset. Oh, and we learned the important info that Ronald can hear well because he just cleaned out the wax from his ears. Thanks for sharing dude!

Detour, Hoist it or Hunt it. The freaks do some serious hoisting of furniture, in the rain no less. And Kynt's mascara didn't smear! Easy breezy beautiful, Cover Girl!

What's up with that line over Crypt-Kate's left eye? Looks like Kynt and Vyxsin got a hold of her. Probably told her that was all the rage these days! But they're such a likable team, I hate to kid!

Next, teams have to Ditch Vault. I bet we'll be seeing some old farts falling in the water. One can hope. But surprise, it's dizzy blonde Jennifer that takes that plunge! Love it! And as a bonus for being a dumbass, she gets a free mud facial. Score!

First to the pitstop is Jason and Lorena. And they did kick butt this leg. Way to go guys!

Ronald says the following to Christina: "I'm trying to be optimistic with a real truth flavor." I'm trying to give you the truth that you got boogers in your nose" "You are vascillating." Eh? What is that fool talking about? Maybe there's thin air in Amsterdam that sets off his Alzheimers or something. He sure is on my last nerve!

THIS.IS.SO.WRONG! That's all I can say.

Kate and Pat were last to the Pitstop and were eliminated. Aww. The nice couple go. Too bad, they will be missed. Maybe Ronald and his yammering butt will be next. Or else Donald, for making my eyes still burn from that horrific muddy speedo sight!

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