Monday, November 26, 2007

Heroes - Who's Got The Virus?

Heroes time. And so starts the countdown to the virus. Who will get it?

Adam tells Peter he needs to find Victoria, who is the one who first discovered the virus that kills almost everyone in 2008.

Bennet comes back to life due to Claire's blood administered by Mohinder. Bennet tells him not to trust the Company, because they created the virus in the first place. Mohinder is all pissy and tells him "Talk to the hand!"

Peter talks to Victoria who tells him where the mutated virus is. But she then shoots both him and Adam. But of course they survive. Peter uses his "Matt" powers to read her mind and find where the virus is.

Sylar gets his groove on convincing Mya to ditch Alejandro so he can have her brain all for himself. He then promptly kills Alejandro. Problem solved.

Boring Monica makes a return appearance ready to kick some butt to get back Micah's stolen medal from some thugs. But it backfires on her and she is captured by the thugs and tossed in a van.

Claire tells Elle to stay away or she'll go public and make the Company be on the run.

Sylar tells Mohinder he has Molly and wants to see him. Oh, just let Sylar kill her already. I'm sick of that girl!

Hiro and Peter have a showdown at the Primatech paper company. We'll have to see next week who prevails.

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Kateigh said...

When is the new Heroes season on? I heard it was delayed because if the writer's strike