Monday, November 05, 2007

Heroes - Peter's All Washed Up (in a good way!)

Heroes time. Will the Hero In The Past plotline ever end? And what's up with this NYC evacuation? And will the nightmare guy be found to save Molly? Eh, who cares about that last one.

Matt and Nathan evacuate the Company HQ saying that Bob is next to be killed. Niki had a reunion with her bed buddy Nathan.

Peter and Kaitlin are still in 2008 NYC and are grabbed by the military types asking if they are infected. Ooo, how Resident Evil!

Naked Peter gets showered down by the military guys. Why wasn't I on the set that day! They also reveal to him that the "Shanti Virus" killed tons of people. Oops, Bad Mohinder.

Bob tells Nathan that Peter is still alive. Surprise!

Peter sees his mom in the 2008 future. She tells him he has to remember who he is and go back in time to save Nathan, who apparently dies in 2007. Peter gets all flashbacky and remembers everything. Although I bet another naked hosing down would help his memory even more. What? Don't judge me!

Hiro pops into Whitebeard's camp and tries to blow up the gunpowder. Kensei catches him and they fight. Hiro zaps out of there just before the explosion and also just after Kensei says he swears to kill everything Hiro loves. Oops.

Matt is sent to nightmare land again by dad, but this time Matt fights back and pulls him in the nightmare with him. Then stands up to him trapping dad in nightmare land. Matt and Molly wake up from the nightmare. Great, now we gotta hear Molly start whining and being way too excited about seeing Matt and Mohinder at every meeting.

Hiro finally says goodbye to ancient Japan. And it's about time!

Mohinder admits to Bob that he's been working with Bennet to take down the company. Bob tells Mohinder that Bennet's been killing people and he needs to be killed. Bob gives him a gun. Now Mohinder and his thumb ring have to contemplate killing his friend.

Bennet finds out about Claire's boyfriend and her death defying shenanagans with West and the cheerleader. He says they have to move again because they're not safe. Claire gets all "Oh no you di'int!" and tells him they can move but she's staying. That must be some good flying boy action she's getting!

Kensei shows up to see Peter and it turns out Kensei is actually the mysterious Adam. Bad news!

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