Wednesday, April 11, 2007

American Idol Top 8 - Results

Results night for the Top 8. Get out of here already Phil!

The group gets their Latin on by singing together on Bailamos.

Ryan went out in the Farmer's Market to get peoples' opinion of the contestants. This guy likes the "big girl wearing all red". a.k.a Randy.

Next on was Akon singing his latest hit. Whatever. But eh??? What is that?? I think a rabid squirrel just landed on that dude's head.

Shameless Ford plug. They are all morphing into each other. Hmm. Sanjaya and Melinda have the same hairstyle. And Chris is way too excited. Come on dude, you're driving a Ford.

Simon shows the needy children the "School In A Box". I so was expecting him to tell the girl "Get in the box and learn already, bitch!" Actually, I bet he did when the camera was turned off.

The bottom three are Phil Stacey, Hayley Scarnato, and Chris Richardson. Stupid Sanjaya!

J Lo's singing next getting all Latin and sassy! Then promptly makes fun of Ryan's bad attempt at Spanish.

And it's Hayley getting the boot. That'll do. But watch out Phil, the vultures are circling!

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