Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Idol Top 6 - Results

Elimination night for the Top 6. And it's a two hour crap-fest of Idol Gives Back. Yeah, how about giving back that decision to let Taylor Hicks win last year. That'll be a start. I really should just record this and fast forward to the last 5 minutes. But alas...

Ellen? Where'd she come from? That wacky lesbian! Guess all the big music stars will be at another location. They probably want no part of the American Idol studio, especially Kelly Clarkson!

Whoa. Janet Jackson has a mustache. Girlfriend needs a shave.

What is this crap group song? They're all in white and Lakisha and Melinda must be upset because white is not slimming! And call me rude, but these crap clips between performances are dull and Simon doesn't sound sincere at all around these kids. He's all like "This is the worst conditions I've ever where's my limo damnit! Four-star restaurants don't seat themselves ya know!"

Il Divo gets on my last nerve! If I slap one off the stage, there will still be 3 left, so they could still get by. Well, old ladies are happy I suppose.

Carrie Underwood took a trip to visit Africa. And fortunately, she took along her HOT fiddle player!

Ryan talks with Paula on-stage and jokes about her being vertically challenged. Maybe so, but she sure ain't horizontally challenged! The sloppy drunk is trying to take away Lakisha's title of Boobs A Poppin'!

How 'bout that, even animals can't keep their paws off of Chris. I know how you feel Fido!

Hey Kelly girl. Don't worry, you won't have to slum with the Idol judges. Girlfriend sounded great, but what's with the tie dye mumu she's wearing??

Elvis performing on the Idol stage? That just seems so wrong. What, does Priscilla need extra money to make this month's mortgage on Graceland? Well, at least he's joined on stage by another corpse, Celine Dion.

Why do I have a feeling Ryan is going to say that everyone's safe this week. I can't see them spend 2 hours begging for donations to improve peoples' lives, then follow up that with "And bitch you're going home tonight!" We'll see.

I see Madonna is picking out another African baby. Maybe they have a 2-for-1 sale.

Annie Lennox. Yay! Sing it girl!

I knew it! Nobody's going home. They'll be adding this weeks' votes to next weeks votes and then sending home the bottom TWO next Wednesday. Curse you Nosferatu! We'll get you next week!

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