Sunday, April 15, 2007

Amazing Race - Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Last week Uchenna and Joyce were eliminated and stank Mirna and Charla remained. Let's see if the midget goes this week. Or at least does another face plant!

Teams start off in Malaysia heading for Hong Kong. Mirna believes in Yield Karma and that bad behavior will come back to the beauty queens. Yeah, she's talking about other people's bad behavior? This is where CBS should have shown a quick clip of all the scenes of her being a bitch to all the locals! Crazy fool!

There's a whole lotta drama about who will get standby seats on the flight. Everyone conspires against the beauty queens and say the final three will be without them. Beauty queens and Charla & Mirna have a throw down at the ticket counter and you can tell the ticket agent just wants to tag all of their asses and toss them on the luggage conveyor to get rid of them. That would be fun to see. Of course Charla is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment. Now that would be even BETTER to see!

Teams are now heading to a dry cleaner. And I hope Charla finally washes that Too Hot To Handle shirt. Ick! Oswald and Danny are the first to get to the Fast Forward and successfully complete it.

Ok, now the sight of seeing Charla getting wheeled around in her wheel shoes by Mirna was just wrong. Why can't her shoes get a flat tire! And the one thing that is NOT flat is Charla's big fat ass!

Detour. Kung-fu Fight or Lost In Translation. Beauty Queens do the kung-fu and have to climb up a building past fighting kung-fu fighters. It would have been more interesting if it were teams already eliminated who had to try kicking them as they climbed past them. Now THAT would be a fun kung-fu challenge!

Charla and Mirna don't like the kung-fu guys. Mirna says she wants to make love not war. Ick. I hope she doesn't have any pictures to prove that! They decide to fight back with the kung-fu fighters. They even throw in kicking sound effects. It's scary, because it's so stupid. They make action poses afterwards like they're Electro Woman and Dynagirl. Although, they actually look more like Jonny Quest and his dog Bandit.

Oswald and Danny are first to the pitstop. They win a trip back to China.

Teams have to kick down doors looking for the clue. Charla says her fat stubby legs are good for kicking. Ok Charla, prove that theory on Mirna's butt! Eric imagines the doors are Danielle and does some serious kicking down.

Teams next have to pull a gnome in a boat without tipping over the gnome. Charla found herself a new boyfriend.

The producers try to do some fancy editing to make you think Eric and Danielle might still have a chance to beat Mirna and Charla, but it's clear that they are way behind them and are last to arrive. But they were saved by it being a non-elimination leg. So the bickering will continue for another week. Oh joy.

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