Sunday, April 08, 2007

Amazing Race - The Midget Cookie Monster

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Last week the Guidos were gone and Charla did a couple fabulous face plants. Let's see what other humiliating situations they can put Charla in. I'm sure there's a lot more!

Teams start off in Poland heading to Malaysia. Charla and Mirna say they are not going to scheme like all the other teams. Instead, they will spend their time making fools of themselves. Where's that horse from the last leg. I think Charla can use another face plant right about now!

Eric says his arguements with Danielle are normal and they will get used to them. Danielle's got one of those "Whatever, you crack lovin fool" look on her face.

Detour. Artistic Impression or Cookie Confection. Charla and Mirna choose to search for the hidden cookie with the black goo in it. Mirna says they have a lot of fans in Malaysia who recognize them and are rooting them on. Yeah right. Actually, they are just making fun of you. But believe what you want. Doesn't Charla look extra sexy eating the cookies?

Dustin and Kandice hate the monkey are are talking trash about him. They say the monkey is crazy and Dustin asks if Kandice thinks she should push the monkey off the stairs. Hey bitches, he ain't too thrilled to see you either.

Eric and Danielle are Yielded by Dustin and Kandice. Eric says the blondes did it because they are "dirty dirty pirate hookers". HEH! That sounds about right to me! Pirate? Do they have a patch on I didn't see? Oh wait, it must be because they got all that "booty". That must be it! Now I got that Alanis Morissette version of My Humps stuck in my head!

Everyone ends up doing the painting of the tapestry except Eric and Danielle who find the gooey cookie pretty fast. Yum, black goo! By the look on Eric's face, he must have eaten a nasty cookie. Or more likely, he just kissed Danielle.

Roadblock. Teams must drive a crazy bicycle with a flat bed attached and pick up recyclable newspapers. The blondes complete it pretty quickly. I sure wish Charla would have tried to ride the bike. That would have been classic! But Mirna does it.

Dustin and Kandice are first at the pit stop. They each won a retro scooter. Whatever the heck that is.

The rest of the teams finish up with the newspaper collection and at each house they have to shout "Barack Obama", or something like that. Mirna gives the Malaysian kids some advice to stay away from drugs, stay in school, and win more medals in school. ??? Mirna needs to take her own advice and lay off the CRACK! She refers to the kids as the "future Charla and Mirnas of the world". WHAT?! Was that supposed to be a compliment?? That poor kid should have slapped Mirna!

Danielle says that Eric gets all the roadblocks made for girls and she does all the ones that are made for men. That sounds about right. You go girly boy!

Uchenna and Joyce are dead last due to missing a flight connection. And finally, ten years later, they make it to the pitstop and get the boot. Sorry to see them go.


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