Wednesday, April 18, 2007

American Idol Top 7 - Results

Elimination night for the Top 7. Will it be Phil, will it be Chris? We'll see.

Well they spent like forever trying to make people not think Simon is a disrespecting fool. Whatever, who knows what Simon was thinking. But you know Nigel chewed him out after last night's show!

Ryan spoke to people on the street asking their opinions on the contestants. And this bum wanted to see Lakisha shake her boobs more. Someone toss him a razor.

Lame group song. They're singing I'm Alright. Too bad their group singing wasn't alright. But Chris sure looked HOT!

Bottom three are Sanjaya, Lakisha, and Blake. Hey, stupid voters. Get Blake out of that group!

Whoa, Sanjaya actually went home! Amazing! It's a sad day and he will be missed much. I actually typed that without laughing! The suck train comes to an end. Praise the gods! See ya sucka!

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to thank the Academy.....and God and the love and support of Ryan..and my agent...and lastly the fans without you i wouldnt have had my 15 minutes!!!!!