Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 4 - Results

It's the results show. Clyde or Tramp, either one can go. Surprise me!

Cutie Drew Lachey was back to do his cowboy dance from the finale from his season. He's still HOT! I got to see him perform at the Dancing With The Stars tour where he did that dance too. Too bad he can't replace someone from this season!

I see Heather Mills is back in a lovely yellow gown. Her constant beauty amazes me! Wait, maybe that really isn't Heather in that gown. Let me check the picture one more time below...

I knew it! She's gorgeous!

Bottom two couples were Tramp and Tony (Of course!)

and John and Edyta. That should have been Clyde. Grr.

And the Tramp is outta there! About time! Take your stiff self somewhere else. Now America, let Clyde go. Stop feeling sorry for the fool! Ugh.

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