Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amazing Race - Beware Sneaky Deals!

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Last week Eric and Danielle got out of an elimination. Let's see if they can avoid the boot tonight.

Teams start off in Hong Kong heading for Macau. Oswald and Danny are low on money and asked if they can prostitute themselves for more money. Ugh. The Chinese aren't that desperate! Let's see, Danny or bird flu. Tough choice.

Beauty Queens pay Oswald and Danny to yield Eric and Danielle, which they do. Those sneaky beauty queens. How did Eric and Danielle get money for the ferry and the taxi? I must have missed their begging or something.

Detour. Noodle or Dragon. Beauty queens choose the noodle task and are very good at mounting the pole! Charla got a bit too excited with the pole action.

Mirna is a jackass and can't drive the purty pink car. She asks Charla if she'll drive instead. Now that would be funny, but Mirna keeps trying herself, with little luck.

Dustin and Kandice are first to the pitstop and are gloating over their scheme to yield Eric and Danielle.

Eric and Danielle were second to arrive at the pitstop but with the 30 minute penalty, they had to wait. But they lucked out and were able to be checked in as team 3. Eric said he was so nervous that he will need extra Propecia for his falling out hair.

Oswald and Danny are last to the pitstop. Karma is a bitch! But it's another non-elimination leg. Seems like there's one every week. We'll never get someone eliminated at this rate! So I guess next week we'll see who makes the final 3.

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