Wednesday, April 04, 2007

American Idol Top 9 - Goodbye Mr. Pickle!

Results night for the Top 9. Will Haley finally go? Will Sanjaya stop getting votes? We'll see.

I like the way the person in the audience was holding the PAULA sign upside down. That seems rather appropriate as she's probably still drunk from her gay cowboy zebra outing last night.

Shameless Ford commercial time and they are working at a car wash. Ok Sanjaya, I hope you paid attention. You'll be needing these skills soon when your butt is kicked off the show.

The bottom three were Hayley, Gina, and Phil. You could see that coming. Curse you Sanjaya! Hayley and Phil are probably sweating like pigs right about now. Hayley has that "I know it's me" look on her face.

Tony Bennett came down with the flu so the old buzzard couldn't sing, but Michael Buble' stood in for him. Afterwards, he asks Ryan if he's wasting his votes by still voting for ol' Antonella Barba. Ryan says that he's been voting for her too. Yeah right Ryan, I don't think so. You know you are sneaking backstage and speed dialing Sanjaya for an hour solid every Tuesday night!

Phil is safe, so it's down to Hayley and Gina. The judges are still giving Hayley hate. She rolls her eyes at their patronizing comments and acts all unbothered. She's like all "Whatever fat boy, I got better things I can be doing right now. Playboy keeps calling me and there's those Piggly Wiggly store openings that want me to cut the ribbon, so I got planz sucka!" Or something like that...

But no, Gina is outta there, along with Little Pickle! Bye bye rocker chick. Wow! I bet the judges are cussing up a storm. That means another week of patronizing judges' comments for Hayley. I'm sure she's looking forward to that. Get that eye rollin' ready girl!

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