Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol - Top 7

It's the Top 7 and Sanjaya is STILL HERE! Hussy Hayley left last week. Let's see if Nosferatu finally gets the boot this week! It's country night and Martina McBride is here to help the contestants suck at country.

First up is Phil Stacey. He's so boring. He sounded good though. Definitely better than the past few weeks. But not good enough to escape the suckiness that is Nosferatu.

Next is Jordin Sparks. Mini-Diva is back! She worked those big notes and sounded very good.

Now we got Sanjaya. Oh my. He's rockin' an Aunt Jemimah look. What is up with that hair? He's got a family of wild birds living in there! He said he wants to do Bonnie Raitt justice singing her song. Well, after hearing him sing, I bet the rest of her hair turned grey! Man he's boring! But then what do you expect.

Next is Lakisha Jones. Wow, her boobs aren't falling out this week. She sounded good, but still isn't dazzling me. Where's that Lakisha from the beginning of the competition? She didn't work it like she could. Sorry Kiki.

Chris Richardson is next. Cutie was just ok. All his runs didn't work too well with a country song. Judges dissed him. He probably will be making a trip to the bottom 3 tomorrow.

Next is Melinda Doolittle. C'mon Melinda, save us from the bland and boring tonight. Mindy is sassy! Get your country groove on girl! That was fun. Video is below.

Last is Blake Lewis. Before the commerical after Melinda, I could've sworn Ryan said "Blake is next with some Tipper Gore". Then I realized when he sung that he said Tim McGraw. Well, that makes more sense. Heh! Blake looks all cute in his sweater vest! It was a good, solid performance. Nice job Blake. Video is below.

My guess for who will go is Phil. I don't even try to guess Sanjaya anymore.

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