Monday, April 23, 2007

Heroes - Peter's Too HOT To Die!

Sorry Dancing With The Stars, but you'll have to wait, because HEROES IS BACK BABY! It's been like years since the last episode! We gotta see what happens with cutie Peter and will Linderman get his groove on?

Linderman shows Nathan his power of healing as he brings a dying plant back to life. If you've read the online graphic novels, you'll know that Linderman worked with Nathan's father back in the war. They both used their powers to fight the enemy.

Linderman says that exploding New York City will kill just .07% of the world's population and is a small loss for reshaping the world and he wants Nathan to lead the country, apparently as President.

Back to Peter and Sylar. It's slice time again as it showed in the last episode. Sylar trying to get Peter's brain. It's a heroes throwdown. Peter heals himself, propels Sylar away, then goes invisible. But Sylar's super hearing can hear his heartbeat and sends shards of glass at Peter and one hits him in the brain knocking him out/killing him. Mohinder disables Sylar and leaves with Peter.

HRG "thinks" a message to Matt in his cell. He instructs him how to escape and tells him to free crazy Ted Sprague, who looks less caveman-like these days. Ted causes an electromagnetic pulse that cuts the power so they can escape with HRG.

Mohinder brings dead Peter to mama Petrelli and Nathan. Claire talks to dead Peter and notices the glass shard in his head. She pulls it out and POOF, Cutie's back! yay! Nathan tells Claire to go to France with mama Petrelli until after election and the "boom".

Linderman uses Candace to appear as Niki and tell Micah to go with Linderman. Linderman tells Micah he can save the world. One guess is that he may have Micah change the electronic voting records to show Nathan won. Maybe not, but that's one of the current guesses.

Sylar visits Isaac for some hot brain action. Isaac says he was expecting him and knows he must die and also that Sylar will be stopped in the future. Sylar uses Isaac's power to paint more future scenes.

Hiro in the post-nuclear bomb future goes to see Isaac, but instead runs into Future Hiro. This should be interesting. We'll have to wait and see next week!

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Todd said...

Dude twice now they cut his bangs...and twice you could have put the part on there where the hair falls on the ground and ....OOOHHHH NNNOOOO NOT MY BANGS??????