Tuesday, April 03, 2007

American Idol - Top 9

It's the Top 9 and Sanjaya is STILL HERE! Stank Chris Sligh got the boot last week, lets see who does this week. And it probably won't be Sanjaya, so watch out Haley and Phil! This week Tony Bennett will be coaching the contestants.

What is Paula wearing?? She looks like a country hick gay zebra on crack. Well, at least I got the on crack part right.

First up is Blake Lewis singing Mack The Knife wearing a saucy tie. Tony tells him to chill out on the beat boxing and he listens. He did a real smooth and entertaining version. I liked it a lot. Below is video of it.

Phil Stacey is next and it looks like he's trying to grow his hair back since everyone's freaked out by his scary bald head. Oops, he shaved it off for the performance. Oh well, scary is back. He does a good job but sounds like he's singing it in some strange accent. Judges didn't like it too much.

Next is Melinda. She worked a new hairdo and worked the song! She was great as usual. There's no stopping this gal! Below is a video of her performance.

Chris Richardson is up. He was all hip and sassy. He was real good and judges liked it too. Simon says it was one of the strongest performances tonight. Way to go cutie!

Jordin Sparks is next divaing it up. Wow, everyone's doing good tonight! Way to work it girl! Simon thought it sounded too old and that she should have made it sound younger. Ya know, there's no pleasing the judges. They either tell you you're singing it too old or they say you tried making it too young. They're just cranky.

Gina Glocksen is up singing Smile. She was ok. Nothing to Smile about, but she will probably make it another week at least. And why do they keep calling her the rocker girl? She rarely sings a rockin' song.

Sanjaya is next and Tony says that he is teriffic. Sorry Tony to hear that senility has kicked in. Sanjaya is hitting some stank notes. Ouch! I would have fallen asleep from his BORING performance, but that BRIGHT WHITE suit kept me awake. I'm going to have nightmares tonight of that ghostly white suit floating above my bed whispering about dancing cheek to cheek. Where's my bug spray when I need it! Looks like he's trying to grow facial hair. Yeah, that'll make him all manly.

Haley Scarnato is next with a crazy short dress. She's pulling all the punches to avoid that boot tomorrow. But her performance doesn't help the cause. She's boring and dull. Sounds like something you'd hear a contestant sing at a beauty pageant. Hey, Simon just said the same thing! Eek. I hope that doesn't mean I'll start wearing tight black t-shirts. Ugh! The judges gave her no love. About all they managed to say was "You look good in green" and "You have nice legs" HEH!

Lakisha is last up in full diva mode. Yow! She needs to stay away from the low notes. They are stank. But the rest of it was divalicious! And she worked that last note. But her stage presence was a bit crazy. She looked like she was stalking the stage stomping roaches.

My guess for who will go once again is Haley. However, if they throw a surprise and get rid of Phil, that's ok too.

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