Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amazing Race - Teletubbies Go To War!

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Well, I certainly hope tonight isn't another non-elimination leg. Lets kick someone's butt outta here! Yeah, I'm talking to you Mirna!

Teams start in Macau heading to Guam. What is this skin-tight lycra thing Eric is wearing? Is he trying to out-gay Oswald and Danny?

Mirna says that it is important for her to do the right accent based on what country she is in. Eh? She uses that same tired mystery accent no matter what country she's in. Well, let her think she's a master linguist if she wants. Crack ho!

Detour. Care Package or Engine Care. Charla and Mirna choose to deliver the care package. They sit while the care package is dumped out the back of the plane. Then they gripe at the crew for not flying fast enough. I wonder if the pilot would take a bribe to have the plane make an extra steep climb and knock their asses out the back! And just in time for sweeps baby!

In the roadblock, they have to use a GPS device to find a lost pilot and rescue him by helicopter. Dumbass Charla keeps touching the GPS device with her midget fingers and messing it up. You can tell the guy helping her out was wanting to toss her midget butt in the bushes. Dwarf tossing? Oh yeah!

Dustin and Kandice are first to the pitstop again and have made it to the finals. Oh joy.

Oswald sees Charla running towards him in her military outfit and says "Oh my God, the Teletubbies go to war". HEH! Classic!

Eric and Danielle are the second team to the pitstop and the finals. Go Team Airhead!

Charla and Mirna were team 3 and in the finals. Don't get me started!

Oswald and Danny were last to arrive and eliminated. Ugh. Figures. Although it wasn't much of a surprise. They had that 30 minute penalty so they would have been last regardless.

OK, finals are next week. If Charla and Mirna win, I will be doing some serious cussing! Rude bitch and annoying midget! A lot of viewers are apparently rooting for them two to win. Well, it just goes to show you that crack usage is a bigger problem in the country than ever before! Just say no! Or better yet, HELL TO THE NO!

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