Tuesday, April 24, 2007

American Idol - Top 6

It's the Top 6 and Sanjaya is GONE! Woo Hoo! Tonight the finalists sing "songs about compassion and hope". So nobody's doing Baby Got Back then?

First up is Chris Richardson. He was pretty good (and pretty!), Judges liked it, but I think he's not long for this competition.

Next is Melinda Doolittle. Girlfriend was in diva mode! She was saucy! Excellent as usual. Video is below.

Now we got Blake singing John Lennon. Blake looks HOT tonight. His performance was understated and simple, but you can't really diva out during Imagine. A lot different from his usual songs. Considering the song, I thought it was great! Video is below.

Next is Lakisha Jones singing a song by Fantasia. Ick, Fantasia? But her performance was good. She hit a couple stank notes, but the rest was ok. I just lost the Lakisha love I had weeks ago. Each week I hope this will be the week she redeems herself, but not yet.

Phil Stacey is up now and sounds ok. I don't know, his singing style kinda annoys me, but that was a pretty good performance. He may give Chris a run for the bottom spot.

Last to sing is Jordin Sparks. Work it girl! Mini Diva! I still think Melinda has the best voice of all the contestants, including tonight's performance, but Jordin did great tonight! Video is below.

This is tough guessing who will go tomorrow. Phil or Chris? Or is it time for the early diva exit they do each year and Lakisha goes? I'll guess that cutie Chris will go, although I HOPE Nosferatu is gone!

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