Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Idol - Top 8

It's the Top 8 and Sanjaya is STILL HERE! Gina made a surprising early exit last week, lets see who other than Sanjaya does this week. Nosferatu better watch out! It's latin week and J Lo is on hand to give her expert advice. Heh. I don't know why I find that funny.

First up is Melinda Doolittle singing Sway. Girlfriend got her hair did! She's good as usual, but she didn't dazzle me as much as usual. Simon hated it, although Melinda has a perfect non-cocky comeback saying how she knows how much Simon was looking forward to criticizing her, so she was glad to make him happy. Video is below.

Next is Lakisha Jones with boobs-a-poppin! She's singing Conga. Oh dear, how will she pull this off? It's an odd song choice because that song is so..well..karaoke. Her version was very faithful to the original and didn't have a lot of wow to it. But she sounded good. Simon didn't like it and I was expecting the boobs to pop out at any moment!

Now we got Chris Richardson singing Smooth. He was good. I don't think it was as good as last week, but good still. And I just gotta say that Paula's lip gloss is driving me CRAZY! Is she drinking a glass of lip gloss at that table. Chill out on it crazy lady!

Next is Hayley Scarnato singing Turn The Beat Around. She's wearing crazy short shorts trying to get the horny guy vote. Sorry honey, no help from me on that. Man that sucked! I don't think she cares anymore. Just get her outta there!

The vampire Phil is next singing Maria Maria. He's got some stupid hat on. Ugh, I think he was worse than Hayley. Paula thought he sang good which shows she truly is on CRACK! Ok, Phil needs to go. I can look at Hayley's legs another week I suppose. Of course if he's gone, that means the vampire will be loose on the streets! Eh, I'll take my chances.

Jordin Sparks is next singing The Rhythm is Gonna Get You. Don't they know any other Latin singers than Gloria Estefan? Jordin girl was sassy! I think she did better than Lakisha AND Melinda. Way to go mini DIVA!

Next is Blake Lewis singing I Need To Know. Nice flowerpot on your head dude! Blake was workin' it! I enjoyed that the most so far tonight. Whoa, Simon just agreed with me. Who knew. Nice job Blake. Video is below.

Sanjaya is up last and is sporting...um..what is that? Facial hair? When did he glue that on? He's got yet another hairdo and I think forgot to wash his hair. Ok, for Sanjaya he wasn't that bad. But then again, the song was pretty tame to begin with. Not a big challenge. Simon says "It wasn't horrible". Curse you Sanjaya, you're gonna be haunting us a little longer.

My guess for who will go is Phil. Come on America, get him outta here already!


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