Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol Top 10 - Return Of The Fauxhawk!

Results night for the Top 10. I just know Sanjaya will still be around, so let's see who gets the axe.

Oh dear. Ryan comes out wearing a Sanjaya fauxhawk wig. That's just wrong. It is official. Sanjaya is officially nothing but a joke, but no news there.

Ford shameless commercial time. Chris is an outlaw. a HOT outlaw. He needs to perform a song lookin' like that! The others are looking all fly in their western wear. Although I don't quite buy Lakisha as a cowgirl.

The first bottom two are Phil and Haley. Or as Ryan said, "Phil and Stacey". Dumbass! Sanjaya is safe of course.

Gwen Stefani's time to pimp her new single. Performing with Akon. After the performance, Ryan small talks to death with her. Then said to her "We have the results of the vote...coming up." and she gives a look like "Who the hell cares!" She finally plays along and says "mmm, scary." She so wants outta there!

The third in the bottom is Chris Sligh...good! And Phil is safe.

Chris Sligh and his crazy hair are out of there. I thought he'd be around another week or two, but I really didn't like his performance this week and he's just annoying, so it's fine with me. Tune in next week to see Sanjaya survive yet another week!

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