Sunday, March 25, 2007

Amazing Race - Everybody Grab Your Rungu!

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Uchenna and Joyce were last to arrive last week, but lucked out with a non elimination leg. Let's see if they fight back and finish tonight in first.

Teams are starting out in Mozambique heading to Tanzania. Oswald and Danny take time to have a Price Is Right model moment before leaving.

Charla tries to get the ticket agent to call another airline to check on flights but she won't. Helpful Charla shows the ticket agent how to push the buttons on a phone. Good thing Charla was there. That poor ticket agent might have been staring at that strange plastic ringing box saying why is that box making that noise?

Wacko Mirna holds hands with the airport worker so they will have a better chance to get on a flight. That poor guy was probably looking for a can of bug spray to get Mirna away from him.

Eric and Danielle, along with others made it on a flight standby, but were pulled off at the last minute to make room for someone with a confirmed seat. Danielle gets all pissy. But they end up being the only ones to get on the next flight.

Charla gets seasick on the boat and makes the loudest hurling noise I ever heard! That is one loud midget!

Detour. Solve it or schlep it. Solve it requires them to put together a puzzle with a bunch of fish. Surprisingly, Oswald and Danny were very good handling fish. But they took time out from going to the next challenge so they can stop and pick up some fruit. I'm not saying a word!

The next challenge requires them to throw a Rungu. Phil seems proud of his rungu.

Charla and Mirna are first to arrive at the pitstop again. And Charla still has that "Too Hot To Handle" shirt on that she had at the last pitstop. It probably should really say "Too Stinky To Handle". That crazy midget needs more clothes. Isn't there a Barbie doll store somewhere around for her to increase her wardrobe?

Dustin and Kandice choose to handle the big logs. No shock there.

Eric and Danielle enjoy their boat ride by themselves. Then Eric gives some sound sex advice of "There's always something back there poking at you saying don't get too comfortable cause somebody's sneaking up on ya." Ok, maybe it wasn't sex advice, but I'm sure it still applies to him.

Even with the 30 minute penalty from last leg, Uchenna and Joyce still were the third team to the pitstop. Way to come back!

The Cryptkeeper's children were last to arrive at the pitstop and are outta there. Teri says that Ian can love her like nobody else can. Um, well, nobody else would want to, so that's not saying much. See ya guys!

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