Tuesday, March 20, 2007

American Idol Top 11 - British Invasion

Down to the Top 11 and Sanjaya is STILL HERE! Let's see if we can remedy that this week. It's 60's British Invasion week. Lulu and Peter Noone will be working with the contestants. This should be interesting.

Haley Scarnato is up first. Well, she remembered her words. It was a fun performance. I didn't think it was that great, but good enough to keep her around a bit more. And she'll be some eye candy for the guys...well, most of them anyway...

Next is Chris Richardson. He's looking extra hot this week! I thought it was real good. But why must he stretch out every other syllable for ever! Judges all liked him too. And how about that look he gives at the end of the song (above). HOT!

Stephanie Edwards is next working some Dusty Springfield. She's got a good voice, but something sounded off with the singing. Not one of her better ones. And yes she does sound like Beyonce, but tonight was more like Beyonce on crack! Judges didn't dig it either.

Blake Lewis is next with some crazy ass pants. And what is that? A pink sweater vest? Oi. What a fun cheeky performance. I loved it! Even with his pink sweater vest. Judges all loved it too. Oh dear! Ryan is trying to dance. Someone hit the white boy with one of those crazy neon Coke drinking cups the judges are pimping.

You know it girl!

Video of Blake above.

We got Lakisha Jones next. Girlfriend is all bling'd out with diamonds. Although knowing cheap ass Idol, they are probably Diamoniques from the Susan Lucci collection. She was sassy as usual, although something seemed off from her usual greatness. It's much better than the other ladies tonight so far, but not up to what we expect from her.

Nosferatu Phil Stacey is up. So it's a song about a tobacco road? What a dumb song. Boring, and that bald head is still scary! He's done much better.

Now we got Jordin Sparks. Girlfriend can blow! That was great! She outsang Lakisha.

Ol' Sanjaya is up next all ready to stink up the stage. You know, at this point he must be getting embarrased to get up there and sing each week. The suck is in full effect! He tries to rock out and be edgy. Sorry, not buying it.

I know dear. His stank voice had me in tears too. I'll try to make America send the bad man home.

Gina Glocksen singing the Rolling Stones. Not good. They keep presenting her as the rocker grrrl. But rock all you want, you can't sing honey.

Chris Sligh and his 'fro are next. Looks like he took Simon's advice and put his glasses back on. Much better than last week. And apparently he is "Bringing Chubby Back". Oh really? This is news to me.

And last up is Melinda Doolittle. Excellent! The girl just can't do wrong. Great great great! Video below.

I'll say my usual...Sanjaya should go home, but crackheads in America will probably let him stay. So watch out Phil Stacey and Gina Glocksen!

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