Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol Top 11 - Results

The Top 11 performed last night, now please can Sanjaya go home now?

Peter Noone started the show singing a Carpenters song. He showed the contestants the proper way to suck out loud. Get the old coot off the stage. It would've been more exciting if he came out in Diana Ross' gown from last week. It's all about glamour!

Ford shameless commercial time. The contestants are busy doing their laundry. And Blake does some serious over-sudsing. Melinda does some back flips on the washers. Crazy...

In a stupid show plug, Brad Garret was voted off the show. If only he could be voted off HIS show!

Lulu sings To Sir With Love. You gotta be like...ancient to know this song. She had boobs-a-poppin! But all I could notice were her big ass earrings. What are those, a pair of hula hoops?

Stephanie Edwards and Chris Richardson were the bottom two. Ugh! Stupid crack lovin' voters! Are they hypnotized by Sanjaya's hair or something?

Speaking of Sanjaya, is it just me or does he look more like Michael Jackson every week?

Stephanie is outta here! Certain others should have gone home first, but I'm ok with that. At least Chris is still in there. Well, it's official. Sanjaya will make it to the Top 10. That means he's going on the concert tour. Another reason not to see the tour this year. Blah!

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