Monday, March 05, 2007

Heroes - Hello Linderman!

Heroes tonight. We saw the backstory of Mr. Bennet. Now let's see if lame Mohinder can finally figure out who Sylar is. And the preview of him whispering into Sylar's ear from behind, "This is going to hurt" just seems wrong on many levels.

Thompson tells Bennet he will send someone after Claire. Bennet doesn't remember anything about where Claire is.

The Haitian tells Claire that she cannot cannot go home yet and that they must leave the country that night. Claire wants no part of that and ditches him.

Peter goes to Nathan to tell him that Simone is dead. I think Peter just wants some brotherly love.

Bennet's wife tells him that she is faking remembering about everything and that he told her to say that. And what's up with Mrs. Bennet's cell phone ring tone of a dog barking a song. Oi!

Props to Mohinder for figuring out who Sylar is. Guess he's not as useless as I thought. And it's about time! Mohinder drugs Sylar and takes a sample of his spinal fluid.

Ah ha! The new hero Candace is a shape shifter. Cool! She takes the shape of Simone and freaks out Isaac.

Hiro gets into Linderman's office thanks to Nathan. He gets the sword just as the security guards arrive. But Ando shows up to help. Hiro teleports him and Ando away and they end up in the future. A nuked NYC future. Oops.

Mohinder finds the secret to the entire list of heroes from Sylar's fluid sample. He tries to shoot Sylar, but Sylar still has his powers and stops the bullet in mid air then goes after Mohinder.

Claire goes to Peter's place and runs into Peter's mom, who already knows she's Claire's grandmother and also knows the Haitian. Whoa! My head's spinning now!

Nathan goes to meet Linderman to kill him. Linderman tells him he knows all about his powers along with Peter's and Claire's. He says he'll make sure he has a promising career if Nathan doesn't shoot him. Go Malcolm McDowell, rock that white beard!

Peter shows up at Mohinder's place. He finds him stuck to the ceiling with Sylar looming behind him. Sylar recognizes him and says he wants to see how he works. He starts to slice open Peter's head and....end scene. Urgh!!!!!!! You beotch! Stay away from Peter!

Above is a video of the scene. Poor Peter, and creepy Mohinder up on the ceiling!

We'll have to wait until April to see what happens next. Stop teasing me like this!

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