Sunday, March 18, 2007

Amazing Race - Nail Painting Rats!

Amazing Race All-Stars time. Rob and Amber got the boot last week, let's see who's next. And will there be more midget lovin' for Charla?

Teams start in Argentina heading up to mountains in the snow to get the next clue. Charla says they are so cold the are like a popcicle and they need someone to suck them. Oi. That's just wrong.

Team Guido give the others the unfortunate information that they are wearing thongs. Hmm. Oh great, now I got that image in my head. Must think of something else...Oh good, there's Eric, that'll do.

Teams have to dig for the clue in the snow. Some are dumbasses and can't figure out how to use a beacon to locate them.

Team Guido take a moment to take a perfume bath. Apparently Gio is the fragrance to bathe in. Ick.

Old fools should NOT be wearing skin tight shirts. It's just wrong!

Phil takes some time to get some rat lovin. And no I don't mean Mirna. The rats have to sniff for mines in the ground.

All the rats find the mines but Charla's. I think her rat is in love with her. She kinda resembles one.

Detour. Pamper or Porter. Guidos and Oswald & Danny shovel coal and mess up their manicures. A shame!

Charla and Mirna do some fast nail painting and end up at that pitstop first. Who knew? Oh, and in case you were wondering, Charla is "Too Hot To Handle". Oh darn. And I was ready to handle her.

And that's how they celebrate their first place finish eh? Get a room you two! How come Tyler and James from last season didn't do this!!

Oswald and Danny get the coal packed first and look a mess with coal all over their faces. Danny asks if he looks like Rambo. Oswald says that he looks like a faggy raccoon. HEH!

They then start chasing after Phil. Run Phil Run! There's faggy raccoons on your tail!

Eric and Danielle just miss fourth place behind Guidos. Eric scolds Danielle saying that she was beat by a couple of old queens. More power to old queens out there!

Uchenna and Joyce are last to the pitstop. But they lucked out. It's a non-elimination leg. They'll have to come in first next leg or incur a 30 minute penalty.

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