Thursday, March 08, 2007

American Idol Top 16 - Results

First of all, the good news...Antonella Barba is outta there! Guess even her boobs can't save her. If you have any reason to doubt why she is gone, check out the craptastic video of her farewell performance. Then think of Lakisha and Melinda's performances and all will be clear. Guess there's always Playboy for ya.

Also leaving is Jared Cotter. No loss there. But strangely, Haley Scarnato made it through and Sabrina Sloan was sent home. EH? Haley still in? America is on CRACK! And finally, Sundance was sent home. And it's ABOUT TIME! Now even though I hated Sundance, I gotta admit that poor ol' Sanjaya was needing to go home before Sundance. Guess America loves that Gayle King hairdo. Go figure. Sanjaya will be out of there soon enough.

So we got the final 12. Now let's weed out the rest of the crappiness!

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