Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Top 12 - Results

The Top 12 performed last night and will Sanjaya go? I bet not.

Opening group song was a medley of old Supremes songs and as usual, the group stank it up!

The Ford commerical song wasn't any better. Although I like the song (Float On). It was mildly amusing.

Although I didn't care to see it sung by Chris Sligh in a huge fro, thank you very much.

Wait a minute? Who is that clapping next to Michael Rapaport in the blue shirt? Why it's my co-worker Chad. Who let that freak in?? I hope Ryan's bodyguards were on full alert! Let's check out his masterful stalkish clapping below:

Diana Ross showed up working a red sparkly gown that was almost bigger than her wig! She was pimpin' her new album.

Bottom three were Brandon, Phil, and Sanjaya. Wow, I really thought stanky Sanjaya would not be in the bottom three thanks to stupid viewers.

But it was Brandon getting the boot. See ya sucka! Why don't you take Sanjaya with you and save us the pain to our ears! Let's hope next week he'll finally get kicked off. Please??

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Look at Chad!!!