Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol Top 12 - Divas In The House!

We got the top 12 singers as we head into the finals. Diva Diana Ross is on hand to pass on her divaness to the contestants. Some listen to her, some don't.

Brandon Rogers sang You Can't Hurry Love. Brandon, you CAN hurry off the stage love. He was hitting crazy bad notes, forgetting words, and just being a master of stank. Ick!

Melinda Doolittle sang Home from The Wiz and she was, well...Melinda. She was awesome. The girl can do no wrong so far and does the amazing feat of upstaging Lakisha. Video is below.

Chris Sligh pointed out how he has the same hair as Diana. That's about all he has in common with her. He chose to do a modern sped up version of Endless Love and it was all kinds of suck! Chris really sings well, but what the heck? The boy's too cocky too.

Gina Glocksen sang Love Child. And child, I did not love it! It was boring and forgettable. She's gotta start improving soon.

Ol' Sanjaya Malakar sang Ain't No Mountain High Enough. He chooses not to do the Diana Ross version of this song, which is probably good, because it is way to campy. His performance was boring bad! Sanjaya went from the Gayle King hairdo to Oprah hairdo. Perhaps next week he'll have the Dr. Phil look. Although, come on, no next week please! He needs to go!

Hayley Scarnato came on to stink up the stage singing Missing You. She forgot half of the words. Girlfriend, you shouldn't have been in the Top 12 and you need ta go!

Phil Stacey sang I'm Gonna Make You Love Me and did an ok job. Much better than his previous couple weeks. He's got some crazy ears! He looks like the vampire Nosferatu. He just needs the choppers! Wait a minute, let me compare...

Separated at birth?? You be the judge.

Lakisha sings God Bless The Child. It was a more understated performance than usual for her and she did a great job. I don't think she toppped Melinda, but it was real good.

Blake Lewis sings You Keep Me Hangin' On. He wasn't as good as usual. Not enough personality in this performance. But I still love me some Blake!

Stephanie Edwards is next singing Love Hangover. Sing it girl! She did a good job. When she goes for the diva notes, it wasn't quite there.

Chris Richardson is singing The Boss. Odd song choice. He did a pretty good job. He can sure turn a three letter word into 12 syllables. He'll get by a while longer on his personality and looks. Maybe he can improve some more by then.

Jordon Sparks finishes things off singing If We Hold On Together. She worked it! Great job!

Sanjaya and Hayley need to go tomorrow. But those crazy voters will probably keep Oprah..I mean Sanjaya a little longer. Sigh....

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