Sunday, March 25, 2007

Robin Hood - Daddy Robin

Robin and his merry men are back, still finding no love from the Sheriff, or Marian for that matter. Poor Robin. Hey bitch, I'm right over here!

Hello Jonas.

Robin comes across a poor helpless baby laying in the forest. He decides he needs to help this baby. Let's see, what's the best way to help a baby? Oh yeah, get into a mad swordfight while you're HOLDING the baby! Sheesh. If I was that baby, I'd be all "Bitch, you need to put me down with the quickness. I'll probably be safer if you set me down next that hungry wolf over there!"

The crazy baby won't stop crying, until Robin holds him. Aww, the baby likes Robin. Smart baby!

Roy is captured. He talks to the mother of the lost baby. Seems Guy of Gisborne is the father and disposed of the baby in the forest himself. Deadbeat dad much? The Sheriff tells him if he doesn't kill Robin, then the Sheriff will kill his mother. Sobbing mum makes Roy agree to kill him when he rejoins the gang. Boo Roy.

Robin helps Marian get food to starving villagers. And of course she disses him and plays the cold bitch act. Girlfriend needs to get laid or something! Robin gets shot in the arm by an arrow from enemy guards.

Marian helps sew up Robin's injury. Why can't I have that job. Greedy bitch!

As punishment for possibly conspiring with Robin (and for fondling MY MAN), the Sheriff cuts off Marian's long hair. Guess that is suppose to cause humiliation in those days. Maybe, but lesbians everywhere rejoice!

Roy tries to kill Robin while he sleeps, but the others stop him. Roy tells how is mother will be killed if he don't. Robin decides to rescue his mother. I say just kill the guy. Trying to hurt something so pretty. Isn't there a law against that?

Just before Roy's mum is hung, the mother of the baby shows up and threatens to kill daddy Guy. This is the diversion needed for Robin and co. to make the rescue. But Roy is killed in the process.

After mourning the loss of Roy, Robin sends the mother on her way with a gift for the baby. A little tiny bow and arrows. How cute. But is she really going to give a baby a bow and arrows? Guess they start early back in those days.

Until next week Jonas...

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Anonymous said...

OMG a tiny bow and arrows!! that´s so cute!! (i bet will did, he is also cute )